Lockdown Comfort

There aren’t many advantages of a COVID lockdown but one of them has to be the comfort factor. Now that many of us are working at home, it’s not necessary to don business attire every morning. We can afford a little comfort in our every day lives and, while we hope this is not something that will go on for much longer, we’re going to take advantage while we can.

Here are a few of our favourite things to get into the swing of lockdown comfort.

Our pink bomber jackets will keep you warm and comfortable and are easy to layer. They have pockets to hold all your essentials (we’re thinking candy!) and they are super cute too.

Our living my best life t-shirts are super comfy and are great under the bomber jackets. Not only are they comfortable but they are made from organic cotton which means you can be comfy and environmentally friendly at the same time!

We can’t talk about comfort without mentioning our cute pink chevron socks – the ultimate in comfy! They’ll keep your feet warm and cosy; day and night!

Zoom meetings are the perfect place for the most comfortable pair of leggings. These leggings are made from a four-way stretch fabric and have an elastic waistband to cater for your lockdown snacks!

And when you do venture outside of your comfort zone, don’t forget your touch tool so you don’t have to touch anything icky. They can push buttons and open doors without you having to touch a single thing. And they’re monogrammed! Bonus!

Say No to COVID germs!

Nobody likes germs – especially ones that can kill you – and while we’ve been wearing masks and using hand sanitiser for the past year, we’re still touching door handles and touching buttons on ATMs that countless others have touched before us.

That’s why we are now offering an Engraved Monogrammed Brass Touch Tool in our store. This handy device can be used to pull open door handles, push ATM buttons and touch all sorts of other grotty surfaces. Not only will the touch tool help you avoid picking up other people’s germs, you won’t be spreading any around either.

The touch tool has a keyring attached so you can easily take it everywhere you go. It’s also monogrammed so you know which one is yours.

The touch tool is made from brass, is gold-coloured and has a silver keyring. It measures 73 × 32 × 3 mm.

The best part is it’s on sale until the end of the month!

Get yours now!

Your Summer Survival Kit

I almost freaked out this morning when I realised that summer was a mere 6 days away. That’s hard to believe considering we’ve had more rain in the last few days than we’ve had all year but I have checked the calender and it’s true. Not only does that mean Christmas is only a month away and my daughter’s birthday is right around the corner but history tells me that the hot weather will hit like a slap in the face any day now.

Summer in my house means a lot of time spent near water – beaches, lakes and pools. And that means stuff.

Here are my top picks that will last all summer long.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must. Keeping hydrated during the hot summers is super important and you may as well look good while you do it. The personalisation will leave others in no doubt who it belongs to so they’ll keep their mitts off it. Find the perfect bottle for you here.


Wet Bikini Bag

I’m constantly raving about these and for good reason. They are a must have if you don’t want wet, soggy swimsuits in the back of your car. Get yours here.



You’re going to need a towel of course so leave your dingy bath towels at home and step out with this stylish and personalised beach towel instead. Look like the classiest chick on the beach which this gorgeous navy and white striped beach towel. Love the anchor motif!


Tote Bag

You’re going to need something to hold all this stuff in and this tote is perfect. Not only will it fit everything and look glam, it also comes in a range of colours to suit everybody. Get it here.

Not only will these items make a great summer survival kit for yourself, they also make great gifts which is handy since Christmas is only a month away. Order now for Christmas presents so they make it there in time.

Have a fun and safe summer everyone.

Summer is almost here!

Despite the small downpour of hail yesterday, I am already noticing the first signs of summer. And what does summer mean? That’s right….bikinis!

We all love a good bikini but dragging a wet bikini home from the beach on our carpeted floors isn’t the summer vision we had in mind. Keep the summer fun momentum going this summer with our wet bikini bags.

Made from cotton canvas, these adorable bags have a waterproof interior lining and they also have a zippered compartment inside for cash or other things you want to hide while at the beach.

And the fact that they have a cute anchor on the front is just an extra plus for me.

Get yours today before you need it. 

Welcome to our Store!

Welcome to our store and our first blog post! So who are we and what are we about?

From a very early age I was obsessed with monograms.  I love receiving gifts (who doesn’t?) because gifts are usually items we wouldn’t buy for ourselves. They are generally things that we love, cherish and give us comfort. And comfort is always a good thing.

I was lucky enough to have many friends and family who gave me many gifts over the course of my childhood but, many times, the gifts I received were the same as the ones given to my sisters. My mother would even buy us all the same clothes, toys and everything else.  I guess she thought it would eliminate any jealousy or fighting but it had the opposite effect. There were many a time where I would be fighting with my sisters or they would be fighting with each other over who owned which item. One cheeky sister would constantly break her stuff then try to pinch ours and claim it as her own!

Then I discovered monogramming! By adding a monogram I could turn any item into something that was truly and uniquely my own – no matter how much it looked like everyone else’s. And so began my obsession. And now I want to share my love of personalised items with you.  Please join me on my quest to personalise the world.